For 5 days when I got a chance to go around Santiago, it was really new experience in South America. The first time to take a bus that allows me to sit and sleep. Yes, it is too much surprise especially when you have long legs like mines. The trip started at 21.00 giving me a chance to have a very good sleep the whole night for about 12 hours. With many rumours i had from Valdivia that Santiago is very big city (which is true), but also a city with many chaos such as traffic jams,  many people more that 5 millions, robbers, etc.


First part of the trip which involved official visit where i had a chance to visit few Chilean ministries just to see how things are done in the government especially to system like this that is centralized. Well, generally the country is centralized but there are sectors that was not possible to centralize like planing sector and funding system that is now changed to be decentralized.  It was a little much for 5 days but at least i had a chance to visit Ministry of Housing and Urban Development which enlighted me on housing system in Chile, CEPAL, SUBDERE, Ministries of Work and UN Chile.


The second part of the trip was to see historically and tourist features available in Chile. And you cant talk about the history of Chile without talking about Augusto Pinochet. I like this part of the travel because it has a lot of part i like such as nice food, nice places to visit and very good night life