Always Tandale community needs to be doing actions for their developments especially solving their community problems but they are failing due to different factors such as they lack equipments, they don’t have support from the government and other organizations, they don’t have knowledge to use technology and they are not heard.

Tandale street mapping through Ground Truth Initiative and The World Bank gave Tandale community a chance to do Tandale community mapping by training them how to use the technology equipments such as computer, GPS, Camera and Internet. Also they trained them on how to raise their voice through reporting to Blogs and Ushahidi ( Not only that but also Ground Truth Innitiative gave Tandale community one set of equipments such as Computer, GPS, Camera and Modem for internet.


Giving the equipments to Tandale community has lead the community being interested to know how things work out, they are interested to know what is happing so that they can raise their voice through reporting, now Tandale community are doing the best to make every good and bad action happening to Tandale to be heard. Tandale community is free to raise their voice talking about their developments.