1. Road accessibility

The market is not accessible now, the road is not accessible because is full of mads (it has been destructed). Only the small lorries are the ones that pass to that road, the semi trailer cannot pass there.

  1. Solid waste in Tandale Market

There is no place to put the solid waste (rubbish) as it was before. The rubbish container was removed as the collection of wastes but since the road is not passable, they have failed to return the container to its place which leads the rubbish to be spread around the market without proper management so it’s easy for the disease eruption.

Picture no. 1 & 2: The pictures show the spread of rubbish in the market due to lack of rubbish container.

Picture 1                                                                                            Picture 2


Source: taken from Tandale

  1. Many people in the Tandale Market

There are many people who are attending at the market due the coming New Year. Others are doing their shopping and others are doing business.

Picture no. 3 & 4: The picture shows the high concentrated people in the market waiting to get the sugarcane but they are standing in the area with the rubbish.

Picture 3                                                                                               Picture 4


Source: taken from Tandale

  1. Remained water

After floods, there are many areas in tandale especially kwatumbo where there is remained water which lead to mosquito production and so can lead to malaria to tandale community.

Picture no. 5 & 6: shows the remained water in Tandale kwatumbo that can cause much mosquito production.

Picture 5                                                                                                Picture 6


Source: taken from Tandale

  1. Bad smell from the road drainage system

Since the drainage is not working the water is not flowing and since it was filled with solid wastes before by the community there is bad smell coming from those drainage so it is not comfortable to stay in those areas.

  1. Business in the dirty areas

Now the businesses are done in dirty areas where there is wastes and water which bring bad smell especially mamantilie who sell food and people who sells chips mayai.

Picture no. 7 & 8: One picture shows the mamantilie selling foods alongside there is the drainage which provides smell at that area. The other picture shows the business man selling chips mayai in the dirty area.

Picture 7                                                                       Picture 8


Source: taken from Tandale

  1. Dirty water from the toilets and bathrooms to the streets

Due to floods, many house drainage systems has been destructed, so the dirty water from the toilets and bathrooms are spreading out in the pathways in the streets where people pass and children plays. And since there is hilly areas, the dirty water are accelerating from above houses to the lower houses, so the people who are living nearby lower level can be affected.

Picture no. 9 & 10: shows how the toilets spread dirty water from the toilets to the streets.


Source: taken from Tandale


  1. Building destruction

Due to floods, Tandale has been affected in terms of houses where 15 to 20 houses has been destructed and many houses has lost their all furnitures. So people lack areas to live and they are now living to the area provided by the Tanzania government (Kinondoni).

Picture no. 11 & 12: shows the destructed houses in the floods


Source: taken from Tandale

  1. Roads and pathway accessibility

The road are not accessible especially Bi Mtumwa road in Sokoni subward due to the fact that it percolated by muds and water so it has been destructed much due to floods. Also the pathways of tandale especially that which pass along Ng’ombe river is not passable because is full of remained water and muds.

Picture no. 13 & 14Shows Bi Mtumwa road at sokoni subward which is affected by floods


: taken from Tandale

Picture no. 15 & 16: shows different pathway in Tandale that has affected by floods.


 Sourcetaken from Tandale

  1. Pipes has been destructed

Water pipe has been destructed. This has been happened since the pipes were placed along the street passes so after the floods the pipes were taken out and even destructed so due to that people are now depending on the tank water which is not safety for normal consumption.

Picture no. 17 & 18: shows the water pipes which were place along the pathway, but it has been removed out by the floods.


 Sourcetaken from Tandale



After the flood has happened, the community has tried to solve their own problems by using their efforts. The pictures below explain:

Since the community has no ability to build the destructed stairs of their houses they have tried to use this way where they put the sand in the hard plastic and use it as the protection. They have used this way in protecting different things such as put it as the stairs (look picture no 19), leveling the roads (look picture no 20), use that to protect the foundation of the house (look picture no 21)

Picture no. 19                                                                                            Picture no. 20


The use of plastic + sand to create the stairs.                           The use of plastic + sand to protect a destructed road.

Source: taken from Tandale                                                              Source: taken from Tandale

   Picture no. 21

The use of plastic + sand to protect the

the foundation of the house. Source: taken from Tandale

Picture no. 22

Source: taken from Tandale

The above picture (picture no.22) show the house that was destructed by the floods, but the owner has tried to reconstruct so that he can continue to live in. He used just a simple way of putting the iron as the wall while waiting to gain more energy in terms of money to construct the wall.

Picture no. 23

Sourcetaken from Tandale

The picture no. 23 shows the reconstructed drainage system which was destructed by the flood. The owner decided to tight the plastic by using the wire while waiting gain more power before he put the proper drainage system.