Bonde la Mpunga is a Sub-ward that is located at Msasani ward in Dar es Salaam. Its settlements is partly formal and partly informal. It is the area where a lot of storm water drainage system has been blocked by the existing settlement (buildings), which lead a major characteristic of that area to be FLOODING. The following are the pictures that show the real situation of Bonde la Mpunga.

The above picture shows how people of Bonde la Mpunga can be affected from the remaining water after floods because people are not moving out from their area after flooding, so they live with this situation which is very dangerous to their health especially children who depends the same area to play!!

On the developments in Bonde la Mpunga, the drains has not given the priority where as the construction come on top of drains without leave the space for water to pass. The above picture shows the blockage of the Storm water drainage, it has been blocked by construct the buildings on top of it. This is done in almost each drain which pass along Bonde la Mpunga, and its the big reason for the Flooding occurring there.


The above pictures shows how the community use their toilets, the picture describe that there is a small hole in the side of the toilet and every water comes out from the toilet goes to that hole, when it is full the water goes to the streets and may cause a lot of effect to the community, some times they wait when the rain comes then they spread that water to the street. I think this is DANGEROUS.


There are many issues that are currently raised in Bonde la Mpunga due to occurrence of Floods, we dont have rainfall now for a while but once there is a rainfall, there will be a disaster in Bonde la Mpunga.