The first time i got the admission to study masters with the joint Universities in 2014 i thought its the chance to visit two countries in one study. Germany as the first compulsory first country and select the second country from Chile, Tanzania, Ghana and The Philippines.



TU-Dortmund, Germany.

Of course i had to select another country with more curiosity to learn more about these countries; in this case i selected Chile. Not only visited these countries made me learn/study about my professional carrier but also changed me to see how things work. I got a chance to meet different and amazing people with different culture and life apart from their different languages. Nice green landscape and environments. Also with government issues and challenges when it comes to consider community as the beneficiaries.


Valparaiso, Chile

Then i came into understanding that we learn everyday thought different experiences. For me to going to Dortmund, Germany then Valdivia, Chile has made me learn more about many topic including community empowerment. To understand and to know also that everywhere there is community problems that need to be taken care off. To listen the sound of the community and to understand how they are finding their own solutions (immediate solutions). Furthermore, the good thing about community is that they always have hope of change regardless of what they are going through. So visiting these countries made me think otherwise of how we see things and how we attempt surrounding problems from the community.


Valdivia, Chile

I remember in four years ago when i got a chance to spend some quality time to train the Tandale community on how to do mapping. I remember the hope they had during that time when they were doing both mapping and reporting about the challenges they faced on the community. Amazingly, they continued to keep reporting but with very little hope this time because they didn’t find solutions, so not so much. They kept doing reporting on Tandale Blog to show almost everything happening in their community hoping that someone will act on the challenges they have.


Tandale, Dar es salaam

We all have to listen and learn from everyday life.