Just one week since i came back from Chile. A lot has been changed in Dar es salaam city. But that is not my point that i want to mention out now. My city with more that 2 million people. Apart from planning problem that leads to increased informal settlements, Dar es salaam is the city (atleast is the city that i am familiar) that implementation of transport is more costful due to behavior of the people.

Just to mention few examples is that drivers especially public buses (Daladala) do not follow road rules where instead of waiting on the road lane normally, they always go fast thereore they divert from the main road which reads to more complicated traffic jams. To implement transport in that situation, more strategies should be followed during road construction in order to control drivers to go straight on the road regardless of the traffic jams (well that has more implications on the cost to construct road).

Compared to developed countries where people follow road rules and regulations. Furthermore, pedestrians are given priorities by the drivers espeacially on the zebras. Therefore, there is no need for more additional pumps especially on the main roads to control the drivers as it shows on the picture below.

Road in Germany (Picture taken from Google)

The situation is the same on zebra (the picture below shows), this is due to the fact that the driver do not give priorities to pedestrians therefore the planning on that is to put bumps “Matuta” in order to control the drivers when it comes to allow pedestrians on the transport.


Road in Germany (Picture taken from Google)

Therefore, behavior is the source of all the Situation happening on the tansporting system.

Those are just few examples from many that i have observed since i have arrived in Dar es Salaam. More to come…